First of March, 13:59, and I hear the first call of the many that will be, at the same hour, every day, until the nineteen of march, when the climax will come to a glorious end. In less than a minute, two more calls tell me that the first “Mascletá” of the year is about to begin, a spectacle of sound and colour like none in the world, a pyrotechnic event that every year fills with emotions the hearts of both foreigners and natives. We find both tears of emotion and smiles of happiness.

When the first “Mascletá” ends, we can say that Fallas have started, as a tradition, but with something different, this year, Fallas will be unique, with unforgettable emotions and sensations.
“Mascletás” continue in the next days, as a preparation for the main event, in which dreams and the wishes of many are compressed within a week, the “Casal Faller” that have worked hard during the year to make the party the best, and their monuments too.

At least! Finally is 15th of March, at 8 a.m. the “Plantá” starts, with the build of the small Kids Monuments, with the kids of course as the centre of attention.
We see the excitement of the children dressed with the typical and expensive suits and dresses, with their shawls tied to the neck and wearing the traditional “Bluson” shirt.
At 14:00, we get another “Mascletá”, but this time it is just the start of a big day, at 01:00 am, we´ll see the fireworks in the Old riverbed, an event that reminds me of my childhood. These fireworks go in crescendo until the “Nit del Foc” (Night of Fire) where tons of powder are burnt in a huge firework spectacle.

17th comes and after the “Mascletá”, the offering to the Virgin Mary of the Helpless and Defenseless. The image of the virgin is carried out of the basilica, and mounted on the top of a wooden structure that is covered in flowers, the offering stands for 2 whole days.
When the offering ends, there are only 2 days of Fallas left, the show must go on, the night of the 18th comes with one of the biggest fireworks in the world, and it is where Ricardo Caballer, the master Pyrotechnic, surprises everyone with his art.

The sun rises in the 19th, the end is near, at 14:00 we hear the last “Mascletá” of 2015, we feel that we don’t want to see the end of this wonderful celebration, a few hours last. A festivity that natives wear in our hearts, and foreigners will carry engraved in their eyes with fire, and heat.
The night comes by, and everyone gathers around their “Fallas” waiting for the final countdown, “La Cremá” when all the monuments are devoured by fire, leaving only the ashes of the celebration, ashes that will be still warm when the next “Fallas” are starting to be prepared.

We can’t wait for next year to come, ¿you ? come and enjoy them with us ij Urban Youth Hostel, we will make our Hostel your home during Fallas, we will guide you and party with you, an show you our tradition and culture. Regards.
Urban Youth Hostel Team

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